The Mission - At Sbtrailers, we manufacture the highest quality custom boat and automotive trailers available on the market. Our customer service is second to none in the industry as well. Key attributes to our trailers include innovative styling and superior construction. These lead to our ability to provide a trailer that is safer, easier to use, looks better and goes much farther than any other on the market, and one that is still made in the USA!

The Services - We design and manufacture a full line of custom auto and boat trailers. Every trailer begins with a diagram designed to fit the specific model it will be carrying - there are no “standard sizes” or pre-made frames. This allows us to provide the best possible fit and protection for the vehicle or boat. The trailers start from cutting and bending raw steel.These are then welded into frames, sandblasted, then painted. At that point, we mount hardware such as axles, brakes, winches, wiring and then the lights are installed. We customize the trailer perfectly to match and enhance the appearance of the vehicle or boat and to meet our customer’s demands. Even colors are custom tailored to each customer with literally thousands of different hues available. All of this is done at our facility in the heart of Northern California - Patterson.

The Technology - We design our trailers using the latest in manufacturing technology including::

  • The latest in torsion axles. These provide independent wheel suspension for a smoother ride. They are self-dampening which eliminates trailer hop previously experienced with leaf springs. The torsion beam integrates into the trailer frame for added structural integrity. Multiple axles are available for varying load capacity requirements.
  • Pressurized bearings and hubs are kept free of contamination by utilizing doublelipped spring-loaded seals and stainless steel seal-running surfaces. We use a patented stainless steel wheel bearing system providing trouble free trailering.
  • Disc brakes with both surge and electric over hydraulic actuator options. These provide smooth fade free braking providing a much better trailering experience.
  • Innovative LED lighting provides a much more intense output and are vastly greater in energy efficiency. This is accomplished while returning much higher life expectancy as well.
  • Each welded frame is sandblasted completely creating an excellent surface for our coatings to adhere to. After sandblasting, a durable epoxy primer coating is applied along with a high quality urethane topcoat. This system has provided us with years of trouble free production.


Remember, we have been building trailers for over 30 years!


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