Auto Hauler

We're proudly presenting the new new trailer for your automotive need. This particular model will be featured at the Good Guys auto show so please feel free to come by to check out its features and construction for yourself.

 Auto Hauler Auto Hauler Auto Hauler Auto Hauler


All of our products can be custom-fit but here are a few standard specifications that helps you get started:

  Size1 Size2 Size3 Size4
Bed Length 17' 18' 19' 20'
Full Length 23' 24' 25' 26'
Approx. Weight 1800 lbs. 1900 lbs 2000 lbs 2100 lbs.
Full Width 102"
Bed Width 78"
Between Fenders Width 85"
Breaks 4 wheel electric
Render Removable
Floor Aluminum treadplate
Hitch 2 5/16" Coupler
Tie Down Recessed D-rings



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